Candle Magic For Challenging Times

Feeling low?

We’ve all been there. 

Especially now. I feel like a character in a dystopian drama. I scroll through Twitter and watch the news mouth agape. I’m struck by the magnitude of what it means to be living through a global pandemic. 

So, if like me you’d like to attract some positive energy into your life amidst the chaos that is Coronavirus, then follow these ten simple steps to create a blues banishing candle spell.


Step 1: Cleanse your body 

Before you dive into a candle spell it’s a good idea to perform a cleansing ritual. When I say cleansing ritual, it really can be as simple as washing with salt. 

Salt is one of my all-time favourite magical ingredients. It’s just so simple and effective, like the little back dress of the witching world. As well as representing the element of earth, salt can be used to absorb negative energy, making it the perfect particle to rid you of any negative vibes before beginning magical work.

Lots of baby witches wonder whether it’s ok to use table salt for cleansing rituals. The answer is yes but it’s not ideal. The reason is not bougie, but practical. Table salt often contains iodine and anti-caking agents which have been known to cause unexpected results in rituals. To elevate your magical practice you want to be working with sea, Epsom or kosher salt – luckily most supermarkets stock these ingredients. That said, I definitely used table salt when I was first starting out – sometimes a witch has got to do what a witch has got to do. Remember, magic can still be effective with a slight hodgepodge element to it as long as your intention is clear and your focus is strong. 

Whilst your bath is running, gradually add salt to the flowing water. Now for the best part. Lay back, relax and let the salt work it’s magic – Ahhhhh!

Whenever you’re ready to exit your watery cocoon of calm, it’s important to wash away the salt. I like to shower with cold water after a salt bath. That chilly water is hella refreshing whilst ensuring your body is entirely salt free. 

No bath? No stress. Cut in half a fresh piece of lemon or lime, coat it in salt, take a shower and scrub your skin with citric salty goodness. Or if you’re lucky enough to live by the sea then why not stroll down to the shore and submerge yourself in the real deal? On second thoughts, maybe check the latest government advice on that one. Let’s make magic responsibly. 

Step 2: Decide an intention 

Now your body is squeaky clean it’s time to decide upon an intention. It’s a good idea to check a lunar calendar as each moon phase is aligned with a different magical focus (manifestation, release, protection etc.) Some intentions I’ve worked with recently include: “I want to revive my own inner sunshine”, “I want to reignite my feelings of self-love” and “I want to heal”. Feel free to use one of my suggestions or spend some time in a quiet place thinking up your own. 

Step 3: Choose a candle

Some witches consider the type of wax or size of a candle when making magic. I tend to focus on a candle’s colour. Say you want to revive your inner sunshine, you might want to pick a yellow or gold candle. Whereas if your focus is on self-love then opting for pink would be more appropriate. If you don’t happen to have any colourful candles, no worries. White candles are the perfect foundation for any type of magic because white light (symbolised by white candles) is made up of all of the colours of the rainbow. And that’s science – feel free to fact check me on that. It also helps that white candles are super easy to get hold of, so as long as you have a healthy supply of white candles you’ll always be well equipped to work your magic. 

Step 4: Select a symbol or sigil

Symbols and sigils are used to further strengthen a spell. The theory goes back to the pagan philosophy of “as above so below”. Which basically means earthly matters reflect the majesty of the Universe. Adding a symbol or sigil to your candle is just another way of calling into your life desired cosmic energy. 

My top tip for symbol selection is keep it simple. You don’t have to be Leonardo da Vinci to be a badass witch. But you do have to be conscious of your choices. If you want to conjure inner vibrancy then you may want to work with a sketch of the sun. Alternatively a heart for self-love. 

Some witches prefer to create their own sigil, which is a combination of a symbol and words inspired by your intention. There are lots of different ways to create a sigil (uniqueness is so very welcomed in witchcraft.) For example, if you wanted to feel like your complete self again you might write out “complete self” and strike out any repeated letters of vowels. You can do either or both. So you might end up with CMPLTSF or COMPLETSF which you can then arrange inside or around a circle. Sometimes I like to keep it super simple and just use the beginning letters of each word. Other times I feel the urge to be more elaborate. I might draw the symbol for my star sign and experiment with attaching the consonants of my intention in an aesthetically pleasing way. 

Which leads me to top tip number two: Unleash your creativity. Putting as much you as you can into every step will further strengthen the spell because you’re making the magic your own. And that is powerful stuff. 

Step 5: Carve your candle

Now you have a symbol or sigil, it’s time to carve it into your candle. A basic kitchen knife or the nib of an old pen will do the job. Alternatively if the candle is fixed into a container then you can use a marker pen and draw the symbol on to the candle’s container. Or, take a pencil and a piece of paper, have a doodle and then sellotape your creation onto the container. Wherever you can use materials that are colour specific to your intention to further elevate the spell’s energetic frequency. For further information on colours and their associations have a google, flick through pretty much any begnner’s witchcraft book, or my personal favourite method – trust your gut. Look at colours. Sense them. What feelings do they evoke? What are you gravitating towards? That colour? Yes. Go with that. You’ve got this. 

Step 6: Anoint your candle

Anoint is just a fancy way of saying “put extra stuff on the candle”. We do this to support the candle in putting it’s metaphorical best foot forward. And to make it look pretty. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t like to get their glam on for a special occasion? 

Frankincense, myrrh, lavender, rosemary and salt are excellent ingredients for anointing candles as they support a wide range of intentions. That said, be specific if you can. For a vibrancy spell you might want to anoint your candle with cinnamon, due to its association with the sun and the element of fire. For a self-love spell, rose oil would work well because of the fragrant flower’s ancient association with Venus, the Roman goddess of love. 

Don’t have any rose oil? Think outside the box! Have a root around your kitchen cupboards and… what’s that? Right at the back, there’s a box of rose and vanilla tea bags. Why not cut open a tea bag and sprinkle your candle with the tea powder? The aim for a self-love spell is to infuse your candle with love. It’s more than ok to do that in an authentically you kind of way. Some witches use glitter, olive oil, coconut oil, dried flowers, or powders to anoint their candles. My thinking is that whatever helps further your intention then bring it to the party. 

Disclaimer: keep in mind fire safety. Burnt witch is not a good look. 

Step 7: Prepare your candle’s environment

Lots of witches use a metallic or magnetic element for this part to add an extra level of charge to the candle. You could use iron filings to cast a circle around the base of the candle (although let’s be real, who can get hold of iron filings during lockdown?) or you could place the candle on top of a fridge magnet. Depending on the spell, I like to arrange particular crystals and tarot cards on a silver tray, placing my candle in the centre. Incense is another popular component to incorporate. If you want to try something a bit theatrical, trap incense smoke into a glass container with a lid. Once your candle is ready, take the lid off and drop the candle in to create an impressive ‘poof’ effect. Give it a go. It looks really spooky.

Step 8: Make a sweet offering

Placing a sugary piece of food on or near your candle is seen as a way of giving a gift to the universe or the specific deity that you may wish to call upon for guidance. For a vibrancy spell you might want to connect with the divine energy of the sun. For self-love, the Norse and Greek goddesses Freyja and Aphrodite spring to mind. For a healing spell, it would make sense to dedicate the offering to a healer that has inspired you. Like Mother Teresa, the Celtic goddess Brigid or Karamo from Queer Eye. My go-to sweet offering is honey. It tastes so damn good and gets brownie points for accessibility. I should mention that it’s etiquette to taste the offering first as a way to show the divine energy/god/goddess that it’s okay to trust you. 

Step 9:  Transfer energy into your candle 

There are lots of different ways to do this: with your candle in sight write out your intention in detail, dance with your candle to a playlist of songs that invoke the spirit of the spell, meditate quietly with your candle, sing to your candle or roll your candle over your body whilst chanting an appropriate mantra. Do whatever you need to do to align your energy levels with what your candle spell needs. Just make sure that you’re not going to be disturbed by a curious housemate or family member, because nobody wants to be walked in on rubbing a candle over their boobs. 

Step 10: Light it up

Now that your candle is charged there’s only one thing left to do: burn, baby, burn. Once lit, you may wish to speak aloud your intention or read a meaningful poem. Allow the candle to burn out completely. If your candle accidentally gets blown out, that’s fine. Just reconnect with your candle to remind it of its purpose and re-light the wick. If you can, let the candle burn out in one session as your intention will be most potent on the day that the spell is invoked. If one session isn’t going to work for you, it’s fine to let it burn out over several days or weeks. The most important thing is that the spell is completed if you want to reap the rewards in full.

And there you have it

A simple candle spell to support you through stormy times or ease any Coronavirus induced anxiety. 

I don’t know about you, but just thinking about candle magic makes me feel a bit brighter already. 

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